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Sample 341 Meeting Questions

    • Did you sign the petition, schedules, statements, and related documents?
    • Did you read the petition, schedules, statements and related documents before you signed them?
    • Are you personally familiar with the information contained in the petition, schedules, statements and related documents?
    • Is the information contained in the petition and all accompanying documents true and correct? Are there any errors or omissions that you are aware of at this time?
    • Have you identified all of your assets on the schedules?
    • Have you listed all of your creditors on the schedules?
    • Have you previously filed bankruptcy?
    • Is the copy of the tax return your attorney provided to my office before this meeting a true copy of the most recent tax return you filed?
    • Do you have a domestic support obligation such as child support or alimony that you owe another? To whom?
    • You will be asked if you are current on your post-petition domestic support obligations?
    • Have you filed all required tax returns for the past four years?
    • Did you review the bankruptcy information sheet?
    • Have you repaid any debts to family or friends in the last year?
    • What is the reason for your bankruptcy filing?
    • How did you arrive at the values you listed for your personal property on your schedules?
    • Are you paid by the hour or salary? What is your hourly rate/salary?
    • Identify any ownership interest and mortgages for real estate, even out of the country?
    • Have there been any transfers to relatives or insiders in the past two years?
    • Is anyone holding any property for you?
    • Do you have a claim against anyone else such as a slip and fall, car accident, someone owing you money?
    • Are you entitled to life insurance proceeds or an inheritance upon someone’s death?
    • Are you a beneficiary or trustee of a trust?